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Hello - my name is Talbot, founder @ longamer


[Tal in the Dublin Mountains]

I live in Ireland with my beautiful wife and daughter and son and life is good, but I'm concerned about where the world is going. Short-term thinking is fucking us up; we're getting fat, distracted and anxious - and the entire system wants this because it makes us good consumers.

I can't believe that everyone alive is born to consume, conform and fade, what about you?

Instead, what if the odd, the enthusiastic, the awake, could self-identify and decide something like...

"Look world, I for one think life is great and I will do, learn, experience and leave the world a better place for my having existed."

"The systems and their expectations, the bullies, the rule-makers, the jealous, the fearful, won't box me up."

- We could change the world in a generation.

This generation, with our cool toys and distractions are unaware - and mostly don't care. Technology is becoming more important than people and will soon outdo us.


Except perhaps; the artists, makers, vloggers, writers, coders, runners, the disruptors with a willingness to be themselves in life and make life better by doing different. The bad consumers.


The doers and oddballs who can raise up our heads and hearts for the long game are needed if this planet will be a cool, fun and happy place for us and our descendants. We are the longamers.

An independent start-up based in Ireland - contact me here.



"A musical note is a beautiful thing and then it ends, so strike a most beautiful note and sustain it 'til it bends..."


For most people, life plays out... for others it's a game.

You are not most people, so represent and stay on track.

Encode and wear your goal.
Create a powerful personal contract for success.

longamer is an independent fitness movement based on ideas from sports and gaming.

I'm Talbot, founder @ longamer :-) Click the pic for more info.

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A 'longa' - is a music symbol for a sustained note and life is a game, remember...

"A musical note is a beautiful thing and then it ends, so strike a most beautiful note and sustain it 'till it bends."

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